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What if my repair is a small one?

This is one of the most asked question along with “do you do small jobs?” The answer is YES! Here is what you can do. First take a close up picture of the damage, then a wide angle photo of the whole area including the damaged spot. Either text or email those picture with all the details about the job. Don’t forget to include approximate wall measurements so we know how much painting we have to do. That’s it! within a day or two you should receive a ballpark estimate of costs. The more accurate your descriptions are, the more accurate our assessment of costs will be.

Basement Looking a Little Run Down?

Basement Renovation. Kitchen Renovation. Bathroom Renovation

If your home has an unfinished basement, or your kitchen and bathroom are just looking a little old and tired, we can help with the remodel. Renovating from top to bottom is no problem for Drywall Repairman. We can handle everything from the framing (steel or wood) drywall, specialty wall finishes (Venetian plaster etc), tiling, painting, plumbing, electrical, fixtures, cabinets and flooring. We can look after the whole project for you and supervise the whole process from start to finish.

Need help with design ideas?

This is not a problem either. Our design expert can go through every aspect of design and layout until you are satisfied with the project and finish details.

Give us a call and we can book a free renovation & design consultation – Stavros 604.961.4923


Popcorn Ceiling Repair Vancouver

I couldn’t believe how much you guys cleaned throughout the whole process and the final result was amazing. I couldn’t see where the ceiling damage was in the popcorn ceiling. The whole process was painless and you where totally professional. I would recommend you in a heart beat. Thanks guys!


Drywall Ceiling Repair Coquitlam

You made everything look clean and neat and I feel inspired to do the rest of the house now! You turned up on time and your attention to detail is what I appreciate most about your company. I will be recommending Drywall Repairman for sure!


Drywall Installation Yaletown Vancouver

You finished in one day and did a fantastic job, I think you left the place cleaner than I had it before you came, in fact I’m sure you left it cleaner. Thanks for the fast efficient work, I’ll be passing your card on to my neighbours.

Need a Professional Painting Crew or a Specialty Wall Finishing Professional?

Over 25 Years in the Business

We are professional painters to the core, having handled every kind of painting project imaginable. From High end commercial and retail projects to the finest residential painting, we have done it all.

Aside from being professional painters we continue our finish skills by adding specialty finishings to our resume. Stavros (Australian Art Major) is an accomplished sculptor in his own right and has brought his keen artistic sensibilities to Drywall Repairman.

Venetian Plaster and Faux Finishes

Venetian plaster and the many variations of specialty wall finishings are also part of our extensive resume. Unlike many faux professional, we have a strong trade background and can “build” whatever we design, being afraid of nothing artistically speaking. Whatever you can dream of…we can do. Building custom infrastructure to accommodate design element within a projects is well within our scope of talents. These kind of projects excite us and get our creative juices flowing. Call us to discuss your design ideas.

How to Chose a Drywall Contractor in Vancouver BC

Installing basement drywall is an essential part of a basement renovation in Vancouver and if you’re considering remodelling, then the following tips will help you avoid some disappointments. Drywall is used to give a finishing look to the interior ceilings and walls in a basement and ensuring it is done properly is important for the comfort aesthetics of the home. Drywall, also known as gyprock, wallboard or plasterboard and is made up of gypsum and plaster, which is then pressed between two sheets of paper. In times past, wood lathe was installed and plaster was smoothed over the wood lathe by a master plasterer. You would be hard pressed to find anyone with the sills to do that these days and the invention pre-made wall board is so much easier and the finish is even. Basement drywall panels are usually sold in pairs, and are light grey in colour. You can buy them in virtually any home hardware store in the Lower Mainland of BC or North America for that matter. Installing drywall can be a DIY project but if your only experience is what you’ve seen on TV then you should really leave it the Pro’s unless it’s a really small job that you can easily dismantle if things go wrong.

Choosing Your Drywall Type

It is important to choose the right type of drywall to keep mould at bay and moisture away. Before you begin the installation process, it is important to carefully inspect the plumbing and carefully hunt for any leaks in your pipes and fixtures. This is an essential step… don’t avoid it! Mould can eat just about anything including paper so it is best to choose brands that have a mould resistant additive or coating. Or you can add your mould resistance in  your primer/sealer after taping. Installing basement drywall is cheaper and easier than other wall materials such as hand plastered interiors, (all the best finding a pro to do this right) as it only needs finishing along its fasteners and joints hence the term drywall.

How to Install Drywall

Drywall basements in Richmond & Vancouver are installed in two ways – horizontally and vertically. Joints, in drywall lingo are the meeting place for two drywall sheets. The key is to lessen the amount of joints as much as possible. To help minimize the number of sheets, professional drywall contractors usually use 12 to 16 foot sheets. The joints are smoothed out by a compound called mud. When you begin installing the drywall panels, ensure that they are a half inch apart from the drywall and the floor. This is to prevent any unexpected water leaks on the floor from getting to the drywall.

Water Damage or Humidity Can be an Issue

Drywall is vulnerable to mould and moisture growth, and to prevent this many homeowners in Delta BC and Richmond BC are choosing fiberglass drywall or water and mould resistant drywall. This type of drywall may be a bit expensive, and as an alternative a sump can be installed in the basement. A sump pump is placed in a hole in the basement, and removes excess water that accumulates over a preset level. You can install basement drywall yourself, but doing a careless job will totally ruin your idea of a warm and comfortable basement.

What are the Costs to Install Drywall?

Getting drywall installed professionally is not that expensive, but you need to find the right contractor to ensure the end result exceeds your expectations. The best way to find a basement drywall contractor in Vancouver BC is through referrals from friends and previous clients. Even though you may be looking for a cheap deal, keep in mind that installing basement is not easy, and hence the lowest price may not always be the best option.
The local yellow pages or directory is your next avenue to finding the best drywall basement contractor in Vancouver BC. Although you will be spoiled for choice going this route, it is recommended that you look for drywall contractors who are reputable, have an extensive portfolio and most importantly are willing to give you a drywall basement no obligation quote. Getting a quote with no obligations will ease your shopping experience, and ensure you get the perfect drywall contractor for the job.

 Choosing the Right Drywall Contractor in the Lower Mainland of BC

Ideal contractors for the job must have relative credentials and licenses and be bonded and insured. Many homeowners tend to overlook this aspect as a trade off for a cheap bargain, but this is particularly important to maintain safety in your home. In most cases a contract must be charted to reflect all the aspects of the job such as upfront payments, payment terms, guarantees, and cost of labour and materials. Make sure that the project is 100% complete before you release the final payment as it may be difficult to get them to come back to fix anything after they’ve been paid.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to interview multiple drywall installation companies, and ask questions regarding the process before you decide to commission a basement drywall contractor in Vancouver BC.